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The One - to - One Mentoring was created to begin a dialogue about each of the many roles that a mentor can play in a mentee/mentor relationship. The goal is to ensure that each mentee/mentor pair begins their relationship with a mutual understanding and agreement of the role of the mentor. This resource will help each mentee/mentor pair:


 1. Determine what roles are mutually acceptable for the mentor to fulfill in their pairing;

 2. Identify areas that might require extra support from the mentor;

 3. Identify areas that the mentor needs to seek outside support on (i.e. university/Desired Results policies and procedures).


A Mentee/Mentor Agreement was created to ensure mentees and mentors develop a mutual understanding of communication and operational expectations from the beginning of their relationship. Additionally, it creates a “road map” to operate from.


This resource will help each mentee/mentor pair:


  • Identity and discuss any generational gaps surrounding the use of technology and communication;

  • Establish communication expectations;

  • Ensure a face-to-face meeting is taking place at least once a semester;

  • Build open communication around SMART goals and the achievement of these goals.

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